If you want to have a thriving business as a personal trainer, you must constantly look for new ways to improve your business. It would be best if you used the proper techniques from the start. Your customer retention has to be strong. Client acquisition needs to be an A game of yours. It would be great if you also thought about how to market your business correctly

Here’s where Yo Instructor comes into play.

As the first platform dedicated to personal trainers in the country, Yo Instructor is a magnificent platform to market your trainer business.

As a professional wellness instructor, finding a new client can be a daunting task. However, It’s not impossible when you have the know-how and where to look.

Using Yo Instructor Platform as a Your Marketing Base

As a comprehensive online directory for personal instructors, Yo Instructor is a great way to find new clients. In our platform, you can do many things marketing-related that not everyone has access to. It’s a revolutionary way of marketing yourself in one easy place.

  • Set Up Your Training Profile
    When you sign up to our platform and become a part of the Yo Instructor community, you will immediately be able to set up your trainer profile. Showcase who you are, what you do, what clients you take, your rate, and your teaching method in your profile. You will put yourself out there and let the clients find you faster. Not only does this beneficial to your exposure, but your clients will also be able to get a closer look at you. They can decide that you are an excellent personal trainer that’s perfect for them by looking at your profile. It’s awesome!

  • Share All Channels of Social Media
    When you decide to use our premium features, you can enjoy this particular service. In your profile, you can share all your social media channels. Let the clients know you personally through all your social channels and decide if you are the right person for them. Share your journey, success stories and your effective teaching methodology comprehensively

  • Use the Barcode Premium Features to Share Your Profile Faster
    You can do a lot with one single feature of ours. When you set up your profile and are proud of it, you can move on to our Premium Barcode Features. A futuristic way of sharing your profile. Have fun and create your campaign with this barcode! You can print your barcode to t-shirts, mugs, business cards, and even phone cases! There are many ways to share your profile barcode, and you can get creative with it.

    It’s straightforward, simple and effective. You can show your barcode to potential clients and let them scan it. Voila- It will take them straight into your digital profile.

  • Put Success Stories of the Clients that You Had
    The most effective ways to attract clients into your training business? Show, don’t tell! You can put the success stories of your past clients and let people know how great you are. You helped your clients create palpable changes to their bodies and lifestyle; our features allow you to show these stories and get more exposure in this way.

    So.. how does it sound? Ready to grow your training business like a pro?
    Sign up here, and start your journey as a successful health and wellness instructor now.