Over the last 2 years, the pandemic was definitely the worst thing that happened to humanity in the last couple of decades. There are so many restrictions, regulations, and orders to close businesses by the government. Being a personal trainer, your business might be affected the most.

Being Forced to Delete ‘Personal’ Element in Personal Trainer

With so many gyms closed, sessions eradicated, and mitigation to reduce the effect of the virus, your job as a personal trainer is challenged. You can no longer take your clients as usual, and you can’t even train your clients so closely because of physical distancing reasons.

However difficult, there are still ways to maintain your job if you are willing to pivot and innovate.

The Opportunity of Virtual Training

Technology is amazing. It brings closer the people that have to physically distance themselves. Even if virtual teachings lose the intimate element of meeting each other in person, we can still utilize them to our advantage.

‘We can have a giggle about things’ - April King, who runs a pilates studio, said virtual classes have been a great way of interacting with clients. ‘I can un-mute them and have a great conversation with them’ (

Utilizing virtual training has also been proved to change the Personal Trainer business in a profound way. To some people, this is a great way to increase their client’s interest. Some trainers are able to collect even more clients virtually, thanks to relentless online marketing.

A Crisis is an Opportunity to Reflect & Change the Way You Do Things

Victor E ( said that the pandemic is not only bad news. Along with the crisis that came, pandemics also brought a wonderful opportunity for Victor to reflect on himself, his business, and his clients. He is able to think back about his client’s needs and the changes they have to undergo.

Because there are some lifestyle changes that his clients have, his approach changed as well. “I tried to understand my client’s specific needs due to the pandemic and how can I increase my service portfolio to meet them”. Right now, Victor is thriving in his business with a new method of becoming a behaviour change specialist.

Remain Hopeful, Positive, and Control The Uncontrollable

As a personal trainer, you need to adapt yourself to the changes that are happening in the fitness industry. Pivot your business and make sure you meet your target market needs. It’s still about how you can help your clients improve their lifestyles and health.

Be flexible and change when necessary.

Nowadays, gyms are reopening, and the government started to loosen the grip on this pandemic. It was a perfect opportunity to open ourselves up to something new and be ready to embrace anything that happens.

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